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Fairview Texas is located approximately thirty miles north of Fort Worth. It is in Collin County, Texas. It is a small city in Collin County. As of the present population count, the city population is 8,949. The total estimated population in 2021 was 9,090.

The history of Fairview dates back to colonial times. It has seen both civil and military activity. In fact, Fort W. incl. was one of the six Army camps that occupied the land in the mid-1800's. A spring-fed trout stream runs through the center of town and the Buford Dam provides much of the area's water supply. The two-stroke Wharton Creek provides some recreation opportunities in the park.

Fairview has lots of local landmarks. One of these landmarks is the American Legion post. The post was built in 1916 for the veterans of the Civil War. Other notable landmarks include the W.P. Carey House and the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Fairview has a beautiful natural park with a playground. The park features picnic tables, playground equipment, and an observation tower. Nearby is the historic Courtyard Shoppes at Fifth Avenue. This shopping center has a variety of independent shops and restaurants. It also contains a movie theater.

Fairview Texas is also home to the award winning The Barnacle Historic Site. This historical landmark is the result of a massive leak from the old Concrete Mill. It is also home to a replica of a 16th century English manor. There are boat tours available.

Fairview Texas is a nice place to live. It has all the comforts of home. The weather is mild, and the people are fun and helpful. It just might be the perfect town for you.
Fairview is a wonderful place for families. The homes are very spacious and have lots of acreage. Many of the homes are built on their own golf courses. Fairview is also home to the Le Cordon Bleu Schools. They offer several High School's and College's including the Bachelor of Science College in Dublin.

Fairview is also a great place to relocate your family. It is close to work and shopping. The area has many wonderful restaurants, cafes, and nightspots. It is a nice place for retirees or young couples alike. There is so much to do and see in this wonderful town.

The cost of living in Fairview Texas is very reasonable. The cost of houses and apartments are reasonable and the town's attractions are great. There are many places to work in the city as well as shopping and nightlife in the downtown areas. All of these things make Fairview Texas a wonderful place to live. You will not regret it when you retire.

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Fairview dentist office doctors are highly trained dentists with many years of experience.Sloan Creek Dental are highly trained and knowledgeable in their field. Fairview dentist office is located in Fairview, TX. This office provides high quality, affordable dental services to people who have no dental insurance.

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The Fairview Commerce Group offers many types of professional dentists including orthodontists, dentists, and general dentists. They offer a full range of services that includes cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and family dentistry. This dental group prides itself on working with their clients to create personalized plans for their needs. This plan will meet the needs of the patient by utilizing the services of a specific dentist while still allowing them the freedom to choose the dentist that they feel most comfortable with. They also help to educate patients about oral hygiene and the importance of keeping a clean and healthy mouth.
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